Louis Vuitton Suitcase Bar

Louis Vuitton Suitcase Bar

for the Person Who Takes Everything When They Travel

Louis Vuitton, how could you not just love the beauty and classic styles of their designer bags? That familiar LV logo jumps out to the world with a significant love of the style. Products that are infamous the world over from one of the top designer brands for exquisite luggage, bags, and purses. But the line of goods purchased by real lovers of the brand include some offerings that are not the normal.

Maybe those are words that just don’t seem to fit together when your thoughts go to these distinctive monogrammed bags. It was during the 80s that Louis Vuitton created the suitcase bar, this customized variation on the grand designs of his classic luggage.

For those individuals with very demanding tastes and desires that a connoisseur of finely aged whiskey could possess. Keeping the elegant feel of leather the front of the suitcase bar folds down to display all the different compartments they could require.

A Suitcase Bar?

This portable bar was complete with glass carafe with silver mounts, silver ice bucket, serving tongs, and a small dish. And to stay true to the immaculate details of all Vuitton items the silver in the set displayed the well-known Christofle mark especially for Louis Vuitton.


The brand didn’t leave out those who wanted something similar while not wanting the full bar effect, the trunk designed for wine or spirits was produced to fill that need. With those images of these beautiful but slightly different Louis Vuitton items, it might cause someone to wonder what other unusual things come with the infamous logo.

Louis Vuitton Strange Items

Depending on welcome perspective rugs could be considered rare, but if you look to the world of Louis Vuitton designs, there are some that take extraordinary to the farthest edge of odd. A Vuitton inspired doggie purse’ could be seen causing someone to wonder what could have been the reason. The bag’s strange little dog eyes might even seem to follow your movements.

Familiar classic watches, backpacks, and shoes are things we expect with Louis Vuitton, but the one thing that stays the same are the feelings of someone about their designer bag. As Leap Year’s Louis Vuitton became nearly another character in the movie with all the worries about Louis’, the suitcase bar is sure to be as large a part of any owner’s life.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Unusual Items

Louis Vuitton odder than usual items probably consists of the dog bed, while it might not truly be an unusual thing it is most definitely not an average one. But with the world’s fascination to this unique line of designer products, it would seem that anything goes.

louis vuitton trashcan  photo
Photo by 3n


Individuals have taken the Vuitton style all the way to covering their homes with the classic monogram making the top of the list of things that someone probably shouldn’t monogram. Or it could just be the tip of the iceberg as people place the familiar logo on toast, sunglasses, trashcans, and their faces.




Where does it stop for the distinguished list of Louis Vuitton items? Maybe the toilet seat, assault rifle, handgun, or hockey goalie helmet? But why stop there? Anyone anywhere could love the Louis Vuitton brand which explains the waffle maker and chainsaw. Or does it? Who knows what is unusual and what is just something different?


Photo by bbaunach
Photo by bbaunach

One of the most expensive Louis Vuitton purses is the Patchwork Bag that cost $45,000. It was a classic styling of over the shoulder bag and created from the material taken from fifteen other Vuitton bags. There were only 24 of this particular and very different Louis Vuitton bag created. While it was not the average, classic look of the designer, it sold out in just a short span of time.

Which tells the world that even those who appreciate the quality and style of this artist possess a whimsy sometimes.

The world may have seen the first Louis Vuitton suitcase bar of the 80s as a strange offering from this famous design house. But apparently the world found this a great addition because the line has continued. That same beautiful line of the Vuitton brand found in modern versions of the suitcase bar.

While the things listed, have been from the exquisite to those that make you wonder, what’s next?

Louis Vuitton Luggage

Louis Vuitton started as a luggage company before selling their now famous and well-known handbags like the Speedy and Neverfull. They began with trunks, which became very popular when majority of people would travel by train in the 1800’s in France. The trunks were for travel in the 1800s and 1900s.  More affluent people would usually travel with those trunks as their luggage. The trunks would fit a lot of clothes and it would be like a mini closet to bring while traveling.  Now, some LV trunks would be sold on eBay from ranging $2,300 to almost $18,000.


louis vuitton luggage photo
Photo by geishaboy500

As of now in 2016, Louis Vuitton has expanded their collection with luggage over the past years. There offer rolling suitcases, duffel bags, toiletry bags, dog carriers, canvas suitcases, garment bags, and even golf bags. Two of their more famous and popular luggage pieces are the Keepall and Pégase. The Keepall is a duffel bag that has two options, the Bandouiere (it has the strap to put over someone’s shoulder) and the regular one that does not have the strap. The bag comes in a couple types of materials like the canvas. Some of the colors are monogram canvas, Damier Ebene canvas, and Damier Azur canvas.

louis vuitton luggage photo
Photo by oinonio

The Pégase comes in one size, which is the 55. It comes in the canvas, Epi leather and other materials. The canvas options are monogram, Damier Ebene, and Damier Graphite. They looked beautiful based on their images from the Louis Vuitton website.

Another piece from LV, is really not a piece of luggage, but more as an accessory is the cosmetic pouch. The Damier Ebene one is really nice with the gorgeous bright red interior. It brings beautiful contrast to the item. It has a regular size and the GM size, which is larger. Another pouch item is the toiletry pouch. It has 3 sizes, 15, 19, and 26. They are in a rectangular shape and have a structured look to them, rather than the Keepall.

Photo by Charlie Phillips

Speedy Bag

louis vuitton photo
Photo by Mathieu Lebreton

The Speedy bag is probably the most popular and in demand bag that Louis Vuitton has. It launched in 1930 and was originally presented as a travel case. The Speedy became really famous when actress Audrey Hepburn requested a speedy in the 25 size, a mini one. Speedys come in 4 sizes; 25, 30, 35, and 40. Also, they come in the bandouliere (with the crossbody strap) or can get it without the bandouliere. The materials the bag comes in are the Monogram/Damier canvas, Epi Leather, and Empriente Leather.

Surprisingly, the Speedys can fit a lot of things inside even the smaller size ones. The 25 size can fit a regular size wallet. There are base shapers for the Speedy so the bag won’t sag if you’re carrying it. The base shaper will add structure to the bag. Speedys are really durable and can survive any harsh weather conditions.

If I was planning to get a S

peedy in the future, I would get the one in Damier ebene with the bandouliere in the 25 size. I like the look of the bag and it can fit a lot. A youtuber named Allie Sevdalis has this bag and has inspired me to get one. Hopefully I can save up for it because they are expensive. This bag has price inflations ever year.

Although, a lot of people have bought Speedys on eBay for much cheaper prices and in pretty good condition. You have to look to see if the bag is real or hire an authenticator for Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director

Of Rags and Riches: The Life and Accomplishments of Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director

The talent, will, and strength of character to pursue one’s dream to its maximum potential is found in only a select few individuals. It’s safe to say that in the world of fashion, Nicolas Ghesquière can be counted among those few. His self-made rise to success and fortune is matched only by his imagination and skill as a designer.

Born in northern France and raised in Loudun, Nicolas took advantage of his wealthy upbringing to practice many hobbies and sports, including horseback riding, swimming and fencing. Yet from the young age of 12, he already had strong aspirations to be a fashion designer. He worked diligently toward this goal throughout his adolescent life, from making dresses from his mother’s curtains, to working internships at age 14. By 19, he was already an assistant to Jean-Paul Gaultier, another successful designer. By the age of 25, he was chosen to head Balenciaga, a fashion house in Paris, which gained critical acclaim during the time he spent as its creative director.

During his time designing clothes for the Balenciaga house, Nicolas was known for his skill with contrast in design, from pairing high-waist skinny pants with a large blouse to jumpsuits with puffed sleeves. It’s not a stretch to say Balenciaga’s commercial success during the 2000’s can be attributed to Ghesquière’s contributions to the house.

But it wasn’t until 2013 that Ghesquière would join the Louis Vuitton Maison as its creative director, replacing the previous director of over 15 years, Marc Jacobs. Ghesquière wowed the fashion world with the release of his spring 2015 line, which featured various colorful and contrasting looks. In 2016, he gained worldwide attention with his spring-summer 2016 line, featuring accessories and clothing inspired by Japanese manga.

During his illustrious career, Ghesquière has received critical acclaim in various forms. In 2001 he received the CFDA “International Designer” award. Time Magazine included him in their list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2006. One year into his time with Louis Vuitton, he was named by the Wall Street Journal as Fashion Innovator of the year, and received the British Fashion Award for best international designer that very same year.

Nicolas Ghesquière is currently still working on Louis Vuitton’s 2016 line; and will likely continue to  rise in skill, influence and success as he works with the Maison.

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Final Fantasy’s Lightning in Louis Vuitton’s New Lineup

The Louis Vuitton Maison has taken unconventional means to market their products, but their latest strategy is a real game-changer. The Maison is rolling out series 4 of its 2016 spring-summer line, but their fashion model is none other than Lightning Farron, the protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII series of video games. This marks the first occasion in which a video game character has served as a fashion model for real-life products, let alone products belonging to such a prestigious designer.

Lightning can be seen on Louis Vuitton’s promotional videos performing acrobatic stunts while sporting several outfits and accessories from the series 4 lineup. Lightning’s attire includes the “Nano Malle Galuchat,” a mini-handbag priced at $199.00, the Japanese manga-inspired “Heroic Tiara” priced at $930.00, and the eye-catching “Bicolore Calfskin Jacket,” which is described on Louis Vuitton’s website as ‘strong, yet feminine.’ There are dozens of ensemble outfits in the spring 2016 line, including a black studded linen blouse, a reflective embroidered dress, and a black top with leather details on the shoulders.

The architect behind this campaign is none other than Vuitton’s current creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière. In an interview with Telegraph, he explained that the latest line was inspired by video games, and that using Lightning as a model serves to explore uncharted territory in art and expression. Telegraph also snagged an exclusive interview with Lightning herself, and she expressed nothing but positivity about Vuitton’s latest collection and her experience serving as a model for them.

The announcement and images featuring Lightning in Louis Vuitton attire caused quite a stir among fans of her and the game series she stars in. While some were pleased with the exposure and normalization of gaming in modern culture that this clothing line would bring, some were skeptical as to why the cold and masculine Lightning was chosen to be a fashion model. Many have said her sister Sera, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and more effeminate of the two sisters, would have been a more appropriate choice to have as a fashion model. Nicolas Ghesquière seems to know what he’s doing however, as the campaign has succeeded to raise quite a few heads in both the fashion industry and in the gaming world, and such attention is all one really can ask for. It remains to be seen whether or not this line will be more or less successful than previous ones.

Noticeably absent from this line is both a male line of clothing, as Lightning’s line consists solely of women’s clothing and accessories, as well as a male counterpart to show off such a line in a similar fashion to Lightning. Final Fantasy developer Square Enix has no shortage of male characters that would be perfect for such a task. The brooding yet sensitive Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII fame comes to mind immediately, as he will be staring in a new game soon. There’s also Noctis, the newest protagonist in the series and main character of the soon-to-be-released Final Fantasy XV. If this is the route Louis Vuitton has chosen in the marketing of its new line, there’s really no reason not to go all the way. Regardless, as new looks are added to the 2016 lineup through spring and summer, Lightning will likely make more appearances in Louis Vuitton’s promotional material; a fascinating addition to the fashion world.


LV – Celebrity Interviews!!

The LV Now section of the Louis Vuitton website has some super interesting interviews with some major celebs where they share their love for LV!!

Some of the celebs interviewed are:

  • Lea Seydoux (an actress from France who has starred in some American films like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol)
  • Alicia Vikander (well known Swedish actress)
  • Bae Doona (So.Korean actress who co-starred in Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending and Sense8)
  • Liu Wen (first Victoria’s Secret model of East Asian decent to walk in their fashion show)
  • Jennifer Connelly (oscar winner!)
  • Adele Exarchopoulos (French actress)
  • Cecilia So (Model and actress from Hong Kong, she likes the new backpacks!)

Louie Vuitton’s new TWIST handbag!

Louis Vuitton has introduced a new handbag called the “TWIST”.   It’s called the twist because of it’s innovative clasp which keeps the bag closed and secure by twisting the “L” and the “V”.

It’s reasons like this that Louis Vuitton is my favorite bag!

The Twist will be available in different colors and different types of leather.

The Twist will sell for $3,550.00 !!!

Here’s a great video from Louis Vuitton featuring the Twist:

The history of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is known to be one of the most luxurious brands in the world. It’s known for the bags such as the Speedy, Alma, Neverfull, and many more. These bags are timeless and will always be in style. Before it became such a beloved brand, the actual Louis Vuitton was hired as a personal packer and box-maker for Napoleon’s wife. He opened his first store in 1854.

When Louis Vuitton was 16, he started his career as a trunk maker. His brand’s monogram canvas debuted in 1896 as way to fight the counterfeits. The world’s largest luggage was opened by LV on Champs-Élysées in Paris. It opened in 1914. People started to develop a craze for the designer after it was featured on Sex and the City and its knockoffs.

Interestingly, all of the handbags from LV are handmade. It takes 1 week to make 1 bag. Their bags are very durable and can last for a lifetime. The material of the bags are fireproof and waterproof. Canvas is used for waterproof and PVC is for fireproof. Therefore, the bags will never be damaged.

Not only is he known for his bags, LV has wallets, luggage, scarves, and accessories. Some of his popular items are the Keepall, Key Pouch, and the Monogram shawl. People can wear Louis Vuitton from head to toe. Recently, actress Alicia Vikander wore a bright yellow gown from LV to the Oscars. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award in The Danish Girl while wearing that gown.

Finally, Louis Vuitton is a fashion empire. It is known for their pieces and the warranty of them. It is loved by so many people around the world. Anyone who is into fashion has some sort of a Louis item in their collection or wardrobe. Louis Vuitton is a classic designer and will live on for more generations to come.

Photo by thomas autumn photography