Louis Vuitton Suitcase Bar

Louis Vuitton Suitcase Bar

for the Person Who Takes Everything When They Travel

Louis Vuitton, how could you not just love the beauty and classic styles of their designer bags? That familiar LV logo jumps out to the world with a significant love of the style. Products that are infamous the world over from one of the top designer brands for exquisite luggage, bags, and purses. But the line of goods purchased by real lovers of the brand include some offerings that are not the normal.

Maybe those are words that just don’t seem to fit together when your thoughts go to these distinctive monogrammed bags. It was during the 80s that Louis Vuitton created the suitcase bar, this customized variation on the grand designs of his classic luggage.

For those individuals with very demanding tastes and desires that a connoisseur of finely aged whiskey could possess. Keeping the elegant feel of leather the front of the suitcase bar folds down to display all the different compartments they could require.

A Suitcase Bar?

This portable bar was complete with glass carafe with silver mounts, silver ice bucket, serving tongs, and a small dish. And to stay true to the immaculate details of all Vuitton items the silver in the set displayed the well-known Christofle mark especially for Louis Vuitton.


The brand didn’t leave out those who wanted something similar while not wanting the full bar effect, the trunk designed for wine or spirits was produced to fill that need. With those images of these beautiful but slightly different Louis Vuitton items, it might cause someone to wonder what other unusual things come with the infamous logo.

Louis Vuitton Strange Items

Depending on welcome perspective rugs could be considered rare, but if you look to the world of Louis Vuitton designs, there are some that take extraordinary to the farthest edge of odd. A Vuitton inspired doggie purse’ could be seen causing someone to wonder what could have been the reason. The bag’s strange little dog eyes might even seem to follow your movements.

Familiar classic watches, backpacks, and shoes are things we expect with Louis Vuitton, but the one thing that stays the same are the feelings of someone about their designer bag. As Leap Year’s Louis Vuitton became nearly another character in the movie with all the worries about Louis’, the suitcase bar is sure to be as large a part of any owner’s life.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Unusual Items

Louis Vuitton odder than usual items probably consists of the dog bed, while it might not truly be an unusual thing it is most definitely not an average one. But with the world’s fascination to this unique line of designer products, it would seem that anything goes.

louis vuitton trashcan photo
Photo by 3n


Individuals have taken the Vuitton style all the way to covering their homes with the classic monogram making the top of the list of things that someone probably shouldn’t monogram. Or it could just be the tip of the iceberg as people place the familiar logo on toast, sunglasses, trashcans, and their faces.




Where does it stop for the distinguished list of Louis Vuitton items? Maybe the toilet seat, assault rifle, handgun, or hockey goalie helmet? But why stop there? Anyone anywhere could love the Louis Vuitton brand which explains the waffle maker and chainsaw. Or does it? Who knows what is unusual and what is just something different?


Photo by bbaunach
Photo by bbaunach

One of the most expensive Louis Vuitton purses is the Patchwork Bag that cost $45,000. It was a classic styling of over the shoulder bag and created from the material taken from fifteen other Vuitton bags. There were only 24 of this particular and very different Louis Vuitton bag created. While it was not the average, classic look of the designer, it sold out in just a short span of time.

Which tells the world that even those who appreciate the quality and style of this artist possess a whimsy sometimes.

The world may have seen the first Louis Vuitton suitcase bar of the 80s as a strange offering from this famous design house. But apparently the world found this a great addition because the line has continued. That same beautiful line of the Vuitton brand found in modern versions of the suitcase bar.

While the things listed, have been from the exquisite to those that make you wonder, what’s next?