The Rise of the Louis Vuitton Brand


Like the other brands in the world of fashion and design; Louis Vuitton is a renowned design company that has passed the test of time with a good reputation in the market. Started in the mid 18s’ by Louis Vuitton, the company began as a trunk design firm after which it extended its offering to leather bags, shoes, jewelry, books, watches and other accessories. Louis Vuitton is now a world’s leading brand that sells its varied products through; the standalone boutiques operated in more than 50 countries, the company’s e-commerce site and in various lease department stores spread worldwide.

History of Louis Vuitton Trunk design

It was in the year 1837 when the then-16-year-old Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris & started apprenticing for Monsieur Marechal. This was the very moment when Louis found his passion for design and took it the next level. At that time, boats, trains, and horse-drawn carriages were the major means of transport. Baggage was handled roughly and could get torn or damaged on the way. Travelers opt to protect their own items by calling upon craftsmen to make trunks for them and pack their luggage. Louis did his work with a touch of modesty and soon he was a renowned and highly specialized box designer. He stayed in the artisanal industry for 17 years working for several clients before opening his own workshop. It’s thought the box design and crafting task, that Louis earned himself the ticket to create history in the fashion and lifestyle world!

Louis Vuitton products

From the trendy handbags, jewelry & timepieces, shoes, fragrances to several men’s accessories; each and every Louis Vuitton product has been crafted with much passion & precision. The brand is quite concerned about its design as far as quality and customer satisfaction is concern. The company is very touched about its trademarks and is fully focused on offering the best in the market. The striped pattern, for example, plus the unique color combinations marks the LV signature and gives it an unmatched trademark in the fashion & design world.

Being one of the world’s most valuable brands, Louis Vuitton has impartial stores and luxurious boutiques with both men and women collections. Among the women collections are; Fragrances- (campaign, collection, savoir-faire, and universe.) other products include the ready to wear clothing, books & writings and other personalized products such as Mon Monogram and Hot Stamping.

Among the men’s collection are men’s bags, jewelry & timepieces, ready to wear (jackets, Polo t-shirts, denim, outwears, leather and pants), shoes and small leather goods. All the men’s accessories and wear are available across the LV worldwide stores in various countries.

The Rise of Louis Vuitton Brand

Several bag shapes and clothing designs are now available across the Louis Vuitton stores. Some of these designs have remained popular and have stood several years in the fashion arena. Most of the bag’s shape and design were introduced in the 1900 and have only been modified in one way or the other to fit the modern day technology.

The steamer bag, for example; was originally designed to be kept within the luggage trunks in 1901 while the Keepall bag was introduced in 1930. Noe Bag followed after and was designed purposely for carrying Champagne way back in 1932. Later in 1966, the Papillon bag was introduced; it came in cylindrical shape and is still selling to date.

The advancement in technology brought in a lot of goodies to the Louis Vuitton designs. The new coating; a supple version of Monogram canvas was introduced in 1959 and this paved way to the designs of bags, wallets, and purses. As the company progressively ventured into the ready wear and clothing designs; Marc Jacobs was appointed a creative director for Louis Vuitton.

He was able to transform part of the company’s investment into the men’s and women’s ready to wear collections. To grow and extensively build the brand, Jacobs joined hands with Stephen Sprouse (a renowned designer) in the year 2001. They were able to create a limited edition line of bag products featuring the LV trademark written in graffiti just over the monogram pattern.

The Louis Vuitton house has cultivated a number of strong celebrities under Marc’s direction. Several Models, Musicians, and Actors have been the face of the LV brands. In the year 2012, Louis Vuitton was named the number one world’s most valuable luxury brand for the 7th year in a row; this was after a brand study conducted by Brown Optimor (a multinational market researcher). The other competing brands were Hermes and Rolex that came second and third respectively.

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