Speedy Bag

louis vuitton photo
Photo by Mathieu Lebreton

The Speedy bag is probably the most popular and in demand bag that Louis Vuitton has. It launched in 1930 and was originally presented as a travel case. The Speedy became really famous when actress Audrey Hepburn requested a speedy in the 25 size, a mini one. Speedys come in 4 sizes; 25, 30, 35, and 40. Also, they come in the bandouliere (with the crossbody strap) or can get it without the bandouliere. The materials the bag comes in are the Monogram/Damier canvas, Epi Leather, and Empriente Leather.

Surprisingly, the Speedys can fit a lot of things inside even the smaller size ones. The 25 size can fit a regular size wallet. There are base shapers for the Speedy so the bag won’t sag if you’re carrying it. The base shaper will add structure to the bag. Speedys are really durable and can survive any harsh weather conditions.

If I was planning to get a S

peedy in the future, I would get the one in Damier ebene with the bandouliere in the 25 size. I like the look of the bag and it can fit a lot. A youtuber named Allie Sevdalis has this bag and has inspired me to get one. Hopefully I can save up for it because they are expensive. This bag has price inflations ever year.

Although, a lot of people have bought Speedys on eBay for much cheaper prices and in pretty good condition. You have to look to see if the bag is real or hire an authenticator for Louis Vuitton.