Spring 2019 Ready to Wear

It’s time to start shopping for spring clothes… just kidding but Louis Vuitton debuted their Ready-To-Wear collection at Fashion Week in Paris. This collection was inspired by space-age with a twist of the 1980s. A few of the trends that I noticed were bold colors, prints and exaggerated sleeves.

Going through the collection, I noticed most of the looks had color in them. Whether it was a splash of color or the whole ensemble looked like a rainbow, there was some form of color.

There was a look where the model wore lilac pants with a printed top and neutral blazer. It became one of my favorite looks in an instant. That color was so beautiful and it is one of my favorite colors to wear. If I had the pants, I would have worn them with a white shirt and metallic sandals. That look could have been for a casual Easter gathering, brunch or going out with friends. Louis Vuitton should consider using this color in more of their collections, like clothes and even accessories like handbags and wallets.

Color was prevalent in this collection as it played a major part in prints. Some of the prints were very 80s inspired. In the first two outfits, the patterns looked like something in an 80s ad for MTV. The two looks had splotches of certain colors on them. Those colors popped out against background. In the outfit on the left, it looks like a mixture of off the shoulder and one shoulder. It has a sky blue on the outer piece that would like perfect on anyone. In the middle outfit, it has a an exciting take on the one shoulder look with a side cape. That side cape adds dramatic flair to the outfit and would look great for a night in Manhattan during the springtime.

As for the outfit on the right, prints played an interesting part by being mixed together. In the top portion, it looks like it has a mountain appeal to it. The bottom part would like the inside of a crystal rock. There was multiple shades of blue in them, that stood out against the black background.

In all of the outfits above, the models wore black booties. The black booties really tied the outfits together without it being extremely over the top. My favorite pair were the ones in the middle. At first, I thought there was studs on them but then, I zoomed in on the picture and saw that they had stripes! I love stripes and it was such a creative ideas to use stripes into booties.

Exaggerated sleeves are making a reappearance in the upcoming 2019 spring season. Whether it’s ruffles, excessive puffiness, these sleeves are making a name for their own. In the outfit on the left, the sleeves have a Victorian era look to it with the sleeves being cuffed in a certain way. The outfit in the middle had unique sleeves as they look shapely with ruffles going down on them. In the outfit on the right, it was interesting on how short sleeves can look poofy. Somehow, the material looks like something from a rain jacket.louis vuitton catwalk photo

As for final thoughts, I was really pleased about this collection. It was a lovely mix of prints, colors, different sleeve types and more. This collection is making me be excited about spring already.